“Emotional customer approach for the furniture trade” is the name of the new format developed by TRENDFILTER for sales training in the stationary furniture and kitchen furniture trade. The aim is to generate customer wishes in images and use them to create a lively color and material concept with strengths that only the stationary trade can exploit.

The newly designed half-day workshop addresses the current situation in the retail sector: Customers are increasingly coming to the store well prepared and have previously searched the internet, e.g. on Pinterest, for interior designs and color concepts that would appeal to them. They bring an idea or a picture of the desired interior design style with them. The salesperson must be able to pick up on these ideas and, ideally, turn them into an order. In this workshop, the retailer’s sales staff learned how to translate the customer’s desires into a design proposal with real furniture and products in a way that appeals to all the senses.

With scent, taste, feel and artificial intelligence

Even if customers come into the store without an idea in mind to get information, the workshop shows how passions and preferences of the potential buyer can also be generated in interior design images with the help of artificial intelligence. This results in images and interior design suggestions that are reminiscent of the past summer vacation, for example, in terms of materials and colors.

Trend monitoring with magazines not only provides an overview of the latest colors, shapes and materials, but the large collage wall is also a helpful tool at the point of sale, providing inspiration and ideas for both customers and sales staff.

At the end of the workshop, there was plenty of time to discuss how the knowledge gained can be put into practice. The collage wall will remain on site as a source of ideas and will be maintained by the retailer in the future.

Katrin de Louw, an interior designer, colour and trend expert and marketing professional, is happy to offer her extensive knowledge to retailers during the discussion on how to optimize the customer approach in the local store.

The workshop lasts 2 x 1.5 hours plus break and can be booked in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). We look forward to your inquiries.