Effective workshop for professionals in the furnishings industry

What colors, materials and finishes are hot for the interior 2022-2025? At this expert workshop on 28.04.22 at the Furniture Future Forum in Bünde, the professionals will find out together.

Every spring from now on there will be an Interior Trend Workshop on the theme of COLOR, MATERIAL and SURFACE, which this year will be held on April 28. “We have revised, streamlined and condensed the format of the past. Now it is a short and very effective workshop, which serves in particular for the exchange among experts and joint trend scouting with print media,” explains Katrin de Louw, who will also lead the workshop. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Participants can expect an intensive workshop in which they work through magazines, collect and cluster content. The result is an inspiring trend collage, incl. Trend theme definition, as well as ideas for color and material combinations. Both qualities and quantities thus become visible, reaching the German-speaking market in a timely manner. The participants will have an intensive exchange of ideas, define color favorites according to the RAL color system and receive valuable impulses for future product developments.

“We decided to give more space to the exchange among professionals instead of hiring external speakers. We don’t need that at all, because our participants are often top-class trend scouts, designers and material experts themselves. So not only do we shorten the workshop by 3 hours, we encourage networking and we can also offer the workshop at an absolutely reasonable price. It increases effectiveness for everyone involved,” de Louw says of the new color workshop.

RAL Farben, also a partner in the COLORNETWORK, supports this new workshop format of the TRENDFILTER, among other things with the RAL D3 Colour Toolbook, which contains 1825 different color chips of the RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus. With the help of these extensive color chip sample books, attractive colors of the developed trend collage can be defined in RAL codes and subsequently made available to the participants.

The workshop is aimed at designers and developers in the furniture industry, materials industry, interior designers, designers, architects, marketing and communication experts as well as trend scouts* for interior and lifestyle.

Participation fee: only 350,-€ plus VAT / person

Thursday, 28.04.2022, 09.00-14.00, at the FURNITURE FUTURE FORUM, Uhlendiekstr. 88, 32257 Bünde

Despite the 600m² forum, we only allocate 20 places! Click here for your REGISTRATION!