At the imm in Cologne, the latest furniture trends were once again to be discovered in January. It was also clear that home textiles are becoming real trendsetters. Two camps seem to be forming: the designers of retro glamor and Slow Living. The digitalization engineers continue to work on the smart home. By the way, a hanger was particularly thoughtful.

The trend towards deceleration was clearly recognizable at the imm cologne 2019 – Slow Living is the global buzzword. The furniture forms of the last century can be found in sofas, armchairs and coffee tables as well as timeless and sustainable materials. Above all wood, marble and glass with accents of brass, chrome or black metal. The colors are essentially covered, naturally and calmly held in brown, beige and gray shades.

Wool, felt, corduroy, velvet and leather are also in demand and often design beds and sofas in a layering look with many different pillows and blankets on top of each other. Textiles are on the rise and huge carpets and wallpaper with lush patterns determine the new comfort.

Wood remains the most important furniture material, but is often combined with colored, often black metal frames and natural stone, especially marble. Here, solid wood is again as hip as ever, deformations, cracks and knotholes are intentional – it is celebrated nature and shown that it is a natural product.

The value of the resources of nature for all of us should be discussed by the 28-year-old designer Michael Varga with his “dialogue-ready” product series “The Conscious Unconsciousness”, which was presented at imm during the Pure Talents Contest 2019.

At Varga, the emphasis is not on materiality, production or ergonomics, but on the conscious handling of our consumption. Nowadays, from the point of view of the designer who studies at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart, it is so easy to buy cheap clothes without worrying about the ethics behind it.

In Varga’s work, a hanger enters into dialogue with man by throwing his clothes on the floor, which have not been worn for a long time. The hanger is complemented by a faucet, through which only the amount of water, which was predetermined by pressing a ball, passes through.

Finally, a “high-five” light switch reminds you to turn off the light when you leave the room.

“The project is directed against overconsumption and the critical questioning of existing habits in dealing with products. I was interested in the consumption of water, electricity and clothing and analyzed the product periphery of these areas, as well as details that promote over-consumption, “explains the 28-year-old designer.

In addition to the deceleration with all its sustainable and natural concepts, materials and colors, there was also a trend towards historical glamor at the imm 2019: Noble materials such as brass – shiny or matt – meet colorful glass, in part with facet cut and ornamentation ,

Also chrome, velvet and quilted fabrics support the high quality look of midcentury design. Classic colors play a role here, such as cognac and dark reds, greens and blues, also violet and an old rose. In addition to the many super matt surfaces, high-gloss accents appear again and play with the contrast in the surfaces.

In contrast to sustainability, reduction and midcentury glamor, there is a smart home trend and digitization, with kitchens setting the tone. But we have also found beds that help with speech by getting up. Here, demographic change is driving the process of technology integration and, ultimately, it is being implemented, providing more comfort or simply bringing benefits, be it time savings, safety or health.