For many years, the autumn event Möbelvisionen at the Furniture Future Forum has been a popular industry highlight. Before the pandemic, this was attended by up to 170 decision-makers from the furniture industry. Now, due to the current situation, not only has the invitation distribution list been greatly reduced, but only 20 guests per slot have actually been admitted on the part of the organizer. And lo and behold, the discussions with customers in the furniture industry reached a new dimension.

On 11.11.2021, the FURNITURE FUTURE FORUM network had invited customers from the furniture industry to Bünde to present new products and exchange ideas with customers and network partners. And the slots on offer were quickly booked up, because not only were the partners eagerly waiting to present products live, but the designers were also hungry for live haptic experiences and personal exchange.

The day started with the contribution of Katrin de Louw, who gave 4 x 4 tips for positive, psychic impulses in interior design with her short lecture “Furniture for the soul”. One of them was to point out that shallow tone-on-tone room designs that avoid strong contrasts have a friendly and gentle effect. Especially in the trendy “neutrals”, i.e. the natural pastel shades. This can be beneficial in medical facilities as well as in retail stores, for example.

The live link to futurologist Christiane Varga in Vienna was eagerly awaited. Ms. Varga presented her lecture: “Living in change – the home of the future is everywhere. In it, she showed that crises create change and enable innovation, which in turn can lead to expansion. She explained why marketing according to target groups is an outdated model and why one should think in terms of lifestyles instead. Real & digital: In the future, it will be necessary to link these two worlds with each other. Translated with (free version)

“The discussions were much more intensive than before,” concluded the network partners of the Furniture Future Forum. “When there are fewer people on site, you can talk in peace and also take more time. “When there are fewer people on site, you can talk in peace and also take more time.

The next event will be the “Short Process” on 02/02/2022, which is expected to be organized under the 2G+ hygiene rules.

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Partner in the FURNITURE FUTURE FORUM, as of Nov. 2021 are: Christian Kröger, Conal, Continental, europlac, furnipart, Hera, Kröning, Lehmann, LINAK, Neelsen, Palette CAD, Pyrus Panels, raumprobe, RÖHM, schattdecor, Sonae Arauco, SWL Tischlerplatten, Van Hoecke, Westag.