22 COLORNETWORK network partners present Sustained Color No.5

The colour shade inspired by light jade is not only an all-rounder with countless style and combination possibilities, it also has a positive effect on the viewer’s psyche: calming and inspiring at the same time.

The designer expert panel, consisting of 5 renowned heads, justifies the choice of colour in this way:

Digitalisation is changing our lives. Robots and artificial intelligence are improving humanly conceived processes and putting our habits to the test. In the search for our own identity and the value of the human being, we often find ourselves wavering.


Jade stands for harmony and balance. It is revered worldwide as a magical stone with healing powers, symbolises longevity, femininity and stands as a symbol for nature. “feel jade!” is a gentle, natural jade nuance that only unfolds its intense, emotional effect in the room at second glance.

The colours of the COLORNETWORK are developed every year by changing designers and interior architects. This year we would like to thank Dirk Moysig- Moysig Retail Design, Kristina Meyer- byform productdesign, Pascal Walter-Designstudio Pascal Walter, Verena Michels-Egger Holzwerkstoffe and our trend nose Katrin de Louw-TRENDFILTER.

The COLORNETWORK not only makes furnishing easier, it also guarantees a successful colour choice for builders, interior designers and manufacturers of interior and lifestyle products. At the same time, the network partners commit to a sustainability statement for the product on the online platform, which is made publicly available for download. This makes products and their manufacturers and origins comprehensible and transparent for planners and end consumers.

With now more than 22 strong partners from the furnishing, interior and material industry – and rising – COLORNETWORK is already a renowned network after only one year on the market.

Find out more at www.colornetwork.org