The event Highlight Trendreport, on 06.06.24 at the FURNITURE FUTURE FORUM in Bünde, promises a full house: furniture design according to customers’ living profiles, AI and automation potential for companies, the annual Trendfilter report on design and furnishing trends and finally a former secret agent with a licence to trust.

Furniture design according to customer living profiles

The day’s colourful programme starts in the morning with Möbel-Markus, as he calls himself. Markus Neumann, Managing Director of Sales-M-Learning, has been a sales trainer in the industry for over 12 years. With his scientifically based living profile analysis of furniture customers, he now wants to talk to the developers in the furniture industry after more than 1,500 days of training in the trade. “Furniture design and material selection must correspond to the living profile analysis of the customer clientele, only then will it sell well.” He will explain how he does this in this short keynote speech.

The second keynote speech also promises to be informative. Ms Fatime Cetinkaya is an award-winning entrepreneur (in the truest sense of the word) and co-founder and managing director of the IT company cekaso GmbH. She will explain her method of analysing potential for companies using AI and automation to increase sales, reduce costs and increase efficiency.


Katrin de Louw, Managing Director of TRENDFILTER, has been speaking to decision-makers and developers in the furniture industry for 17 years and her eagerly awaited annual presentation in June, the “Trend Report”, inspires and provides ideas. “The presentation is structured in such a way that everyone can take something away with them. For the pragmatists among the audience, we always start with tangible and immediately implementable colour and design trends, then move on to interesting new product ideas and inspiring visions for the furnishings of tomorrow,” says de Louw herself about her Trend Report.

“Those who trust you support you. Those who don’t, put obstacles in your way,” says Leo Martin, ex-secret agent, and of course that’s not his real name. In this gripping and entertaining presentation, he will explain how he managed to gain the trust needed to achieve his own goals during his work as an agent, thus ensuring a crowning finale to this outstanding event day.

There will be breaks between the presentations during which the network partners’ exhibition can be viewed. As always, there will be enough time to get to know interesting people and products and, after just half a day, to be inspired to get going again with fresh ideas for product development.

Registration is mandatory. Furniture manufacturers and furniture designers who have registered on our invitation mailing list will be sent a voucher code in good time for free participation in this high-calibre event.

We look forward to your participation: Conal, Continental, europlac, forbo, furnipart, Hera, Lehmann, Linak, Munksjö, neelsen, schattdecor, Sonae Arauco, Strate Druck, SWL and the TRENDFILTER Team.

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