The 1-day event "Short Process" will in future be divided into 2 half-day events, making it even more effective.

The servicepoint A30 network met at the Lehmann company yesterday and was even allowed to view the production in Minden. An impressive company with an impressive production depth – everything you need for furniture locks “under one roof”. The possible variants are almost endless. It was an exciting day and a lively meeting on top of that.

We have decided to shorten the technical event, the “SHORT PROCESS” in the future and to offer 2 x 1/2 a day instead of 1 x a whole day / year – briefly snappy and effective! In addition, we have postponed our appointment for the next design-oriented event, TRENDREPORT 2020, from June 18 to Thursday, April 23, 2020! And with that, the date is almost “exchanged” with the Milan trade fair. Save the new date!

Thank you Lehmann and all network partners for the constructive input yesterday!