The renowned supplier companies and exhibitors at the Furniture Future Forum, Bünde, are now expanding their invitation distribution list to include planners of mobile interiors. Already, half of the partners supply this growing industry. However, the others also have exciting products on offer that are yet to be discovered for this division.

Lecture: Living in transition- The home of the future is everywhere

“Living in transition – the home of the future is everywhere” is the title of the lecture by futurologist Christiane Varga, who will be live online from Vienna for the event on 11.11.21. On this day, the network invites you to the “Möbelvisionen” and sets a new focus with Mobility.

“We are here at the kitchen mile” says manager of the Forum Katrin de Louw “And kitchens have a lot in common with the interior of caravans, ships or trains. So in both cases it’s about timeless interior with an enormous surface exposure. Storage space in the smallest of spaces and clever, hidden functions are also a common theme. Now lightweight construction and new curves are also increasingly coming into focus, and so we have a lot to offer here in the Forum for the mobility sector.” Translated with (free version)

Since 2007, the Trend Forum in Bünde has been inviting designers, developers and decision-makers from the furnishing industry to Bünde to discuss trends and new products. In this regard, the kitchen is not infrequently a leader in the field of furnishings when it comes to the development of new materials or storage functions. Here, the network sees exciting trends that can also find their way into mobile spaces.

“With the growth in sales, especially in the caravan industry in recent years, trends are definitely becoming more important for manufacturers. Here, the trends from the living space play a decisive role and these can be experienced in the FURNITURE FUTURE FORUM far ahead of the market,” Katrin de Louw explains the new focus of your network. “We look forward to interesting discussions and innovative minds from the Mobility business unit in Bünde!”

Those who would like to be invited in the future should sign up here in the invitation distribution list to stay informed.

Partners in the Furniture Future Forum, as of October 2021