The COLORNETWORK® presents at the beginning of the year the joint Sustained Color No.6: dive deep!

The COLORNETWORK® presents the Sustained Color No.6: dive deep!®

In several meetings last year, renowned interior architects and designers again selected a new interior color that deserves to become a “Sustained Color” in the COLORNETWORK®. The expert panel for color No.6 consists of Prof. Sabine Keggenhoff, architect and interior designer from the award-winning office Keggenhoff & Partner, Ms. Dipl.- Ing. Claudia Miller, which brings along a special material authority with her Interior design office LINIE ZWEII in Stuttgart, Mr. Eberhard Mueller, the Textile Designer, which was responsible among other things the “Münchener Stofffrühling” in the past years as well as Interior designer and trend expert Katrin de Louw, owner of the company TRENDFILTER®.

dive deep! is a dark and mysterious shade of blue, which brings with it a mystical depth due to a slight green component and evokes positive associations in the viewer.

it has a balancing effect on the soul and promotes well-being and balance, the jury is certain. It decelerates, promotes creativity and awakens longings. “A leader” says the expert panel to this unique color and recommends the combination with warm counterparts in the room, such as natural woods – whether light or dark – and other natural materials, such as linen, sisal or rattan.

The COLORNETWORK® was launched in 2020 by TRENDFILTER® with the idea of creating a color network across all interior products, pursuing an architecturally long-term claim. The goal is to think of color for interior and lifestyle not in a fashionable way, but in a timeless way. Through the joy of combination, a “Sustained Color” can reinvent itself even after years, thus preserving the values of architecture and interior design.

“The aim is to promote sustainability in the facility and at the same time offer special products that would not exist without the association,” says Katrin de Louw about the COLORNETWORK idea. “The whole concept promotes diversity but also short supply routes and thus Europe. It offers differentiation potential to medium-sized companies, something special to large corporations and an opportunity for small companies in the network. The mix of our well-known network partners is already worth seeing in this regard.”