In the tour planning for the autumn trade fair week from September 16 to 21, 2023, another important stop is added at short notice for the furniture and kitchen trade: In the Furniture Future Forum in Bünde, the COLORNETWORK shows what is possible in terms of design under the motto “come closer!”.

The highlight of the color show is literally in the center of the exhibition, because there hülsta presents the new, exclusive “Gentis” kitchen island in the “come closer!” color shade. The kitchen module is one of the three hülsta unique elements – “Neo”, “Gentis” and “Tetrim” – with which the interior brand from Stadtlohn enables holistic furnishing under the new claim #tasteofmotion. Since Warendorf production has been part of the group of companies, the kitchen furnishing sector is now also the domain of hülsta. The basis for this is the design line “unique elements”, with which kitchens can be designed modularly and with a homely look.

The COLORNETWORK not only offers added value for architects and builders, but also the upscale furniture trade benefits from the unique and manufacturer-independent color concept, which enables emotional selling. Therefore the COLORNETWORK for the furniture and kitchen dealers a special attractive license package tied up, which gets along with a small protective fee. The license enables the upscale furniture retailer to play the marketing tools of the COLORNETWORK at the POS – from the logo to the film. In this way very special attractions are transported to the customer, which brings the dealer out of its comparability.

A unique added value for furnishers

The COLORNETWORK has been active since 2020 and links manufacturers of furnishings, furniture and lifestyle products on common colors that are selected and developed by renowned designers. Thus, the partner companies create sun blinds to match kitchens, carpets and wallpapers in the color network. Also high-quality wall colors, wood materials and lights are available in the Sustained Colors. This year, the COLORNETWORK presents Sustained Color No.7 come closer!, created by the Ippolito Fleitz Group in cooperation with Phoenix Design. come closer! is a skin-like caramel shade that “creates a closeness,” according to the design experts. In addition to the color story, the COLORNETWORK also offers a fragrance story for each color, which allows the POS to support the psychological effect with a room scent. For this purpose, the network works together with an internationally renowned perfumer, Dr. Joachim Mensing from Florida.

The perfect showroom location – only 2 minutes from the A30 exit Bünde/Rödinghausen – allows many dealers to visit without detour. It is worth it!

Address: FURNITURE FUTURE FORUM, Uhlendiekstr. 88, 32257 Bünde

Time: Sa. 16.09.23 – Do 21.09.23, jeweils 9.00 Uhr-18.00 Uhr.

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