The longing for interpersonal closeness, touch and security that can be felt in society inspired the creation of the exceptionally sensual color “come closer!” as Sustained Color No. 7. The physicality of this shade touches us deeply and radiates warmth. The color shade thus has a fundamental function, because tactile experiences are natural and essential needs in the relationship between man and man, man and material, man and space.

This was the creative approach taken by the expert panel for the seventh color of the COLORNETWORK®. Peter Ippolito and Verena Schiffl from the Ippolito Fleitz Group as well as Joon-Mo Lee and Veronika Schmidt-Schäffer from Phoenix Design had found a comforting and warming color for times of crisis. With “come closer!” materials become alive and physical in a unique way. 

Katrin de Louw, founder and initiator of COLORNETWORK®, is enthusiastic about the result: “This color has personality, but cannot be assigned to any gender. With this ambivalence, it also surprises interior professionals with versatility in the material mix.”

For the first time, the COLORNETWORK® thinks of color in terms of longevity and each year selects a “Sustained Color” that promotes lasting values for architecture and lifestyle. The holistic approach is made clear by the associated “fragrance story”, which interprets the color shade in olfactory terms. The renowned network partners develop products in the color network and are committed to transparency. Founded in 2020 by TRENDFILTER®, the brand supports environmental protection, sustainability and works against market concentration. 

More than 30 companies from 7 countries are already part of the interdisciplinary COLORNETWORK®, which is becoming increasingly important when it comes to sustainability and color safety in interior design – from the supply industry to the point of sale to holistic interior concepts in the contract sector.

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