about us

our motivation

  • in search of something special
  • affection for
  • architecture and furnishing
  • pushing for perfection
  • strong design
  • yearning for a better world
  • fascination of spatial experience
  • nature conservation
  • fair fever
  • cheerful office vibes
  • geekiness
  • work-life balance
  • the free spirit
  • attention to detail
  • the reinvention of the wheel
  • awesome coffee
  • our 4-day week
  • satisfied customers
  • exhilaration
  • future trends
  • new challenges
  • will to win
  • trying to reshape the world
  • partnerships
  • team spirit

who we are

Katrin de Louw

Creative strategist and trend catcher. Restless perfectionist. Does not want to go on stage, but has to every now and then. Graduate interior architect with more than 20 years of international industry experience, author and jury member. Thinks material and design – across national borders and target groups. She owns the place.

Jorrit de Louw

Business economist and sales talent with many years of experience in the project and furniture business, which the boss first fished privately and now professionally. Brings Dutch lifestyle and internationality in 4 languages into the office. From now on Lord of Numbers, sales responsable and responsable for the COLORNETWORK®.

+49 (0) 5223 65315-25

trend scouting und design consulting
for the furniture industry

Since 1997, we have offered design consulting to companies that manufacture or sell products or materials for furniture and interior decoration.

We are the nationwide leader when it comes to design expertise for furniture trends, material and surface finishes. With professional trend scouting for the industry and the resulting annual TRENDFILTER® presentation, we have repeatedly proven that our design forecasts reach the market after three to five years.

Our team behind the founder of TRENDFILTER, Katrin de Louw, comprises graphic designers, interior architects and marketing experts and offers comprehensive and unique design consulting as well as concepts for corporate and product presentations.

where we are

servicepoint A30

Creative hotspot directly at the “kitchen mile”, offices of the team members and event forum within reach by forklift.

Uhlendiek St. 88
32257 Bünde
+49 (0) 5223 65315-0

Opening hours: Mo-Thu 8h30-14h00

Creative office

Retreat with treadmill and bathtub and no telephone. When you have to come up with an instant brilliant idea.

Waldenburger St. 2
32547 Bad Oeynhausen